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Our team utilizes their extensive experience to help property owners make the most of their real estate investment. We can help property owners transform their full roster of investment properties into high-performance rentals. Our team specializes in maximizing the performance of the investment through targeted marketing, smooth application processes, full-service accounting, and a focus on resident satisfaction.


We are well-versed in understanding and applying market trends that help rental properties perform at their highest levels. Property owners can rest assured that we will always lead the way to maximized revenues for all properties entrusted to us. We handle every aspect of the management process, from finding exceptional residents across multiple lease periods to completing emergency repairs as required.


Our management team will always help property owners navigate the Arkansas real estate and rental markets with ease. Our unique approach to real estate transactions and property management allows us to help properties perform at their potential. We are excited to help property owners meet their investment goals every step of the way.

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I have owned the North Creekside Apartments for fifteen years. I’ve had the distinct pleasure to work with Corey Runnells and his A-Team of Elevation since I acquired this 195-unit garden apartment project. Many words come to mind to describe this Team, beginning with superlative – in every dimension, including every aspect of multi-family apartment management.


When we acquired the project it was 75% vacant, with immense issues.  Corey and his Team set out to make all the necessary repairs, followed by lease-up and day-to-day maintenance and management. We’ve been through it all. I’m proud to say Corey and his Team have kept it in the very high 90’s percent occupancy ever since we completed the work over a year and a half.


They have a very positive attitude, respond to me whenever I reach out, and anticipate whatever needs to be done to keep it in pristine condition and to keep me informed.

bob dant



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